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More than a simple cleaning, the refurbishment offers a real aesthetic revaluation of your vehicle: 

      If you are eager to sell a vehicle, as an individual or professional, real added value is brought by a rejuvenation of your vehicle’s appearance. A vehicle with a sparkling, scratch-free paint is always more attractive to a potential buyer! 

     If you consider your car like your jewellery, protect it.

     If you have a vintage vehicle, the revaluation is not only aesthetic but also financial thanks to an increase in the quoted value of the vehicle. 

      Do you want to refurbish a company car or remove the lettering from it?

      Your company must present a quality brand image; your vehicle is your showcase!


      So that you can extend the range of services on offer in your company.

I work in the place you choose!

What a car wash does not do

Decontamination, polish,

wax coating and ceramic coating

Décontamination voiture + Polissage
Polissage + Cire


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Protection céramique

Detailer automobile

reconditionnement automobile 

réparation siège automobile cuir 

traitement gyeon 

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