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If your painting is shining, then this actually means you have no protection for your car.

The purpose of the protections is:  

to add a microscopic protective layer onto the varnish to protect the bodywork

UV, bird droppings, resin, salt, acid rain, tar, industrial fallout, road film, etc.


to evacuate the water on your vehicle much more quickly


to amplify its brilliance

To do this, there are:

1 / Waxes contain a base of natural elements such as beeswax, carnauba, jojoba etc.

The waxes bring a depth and a "warmth" to the painting. They are, in general, intended for exhibitions and showroom as its hold is shorter compared to sealants and ceramic protection.

2 / Sealants are synthetic waxes that have the particularity of having a longer hold time (6 months on average) but which provide less depth than waxes.

It is quite possible to combine sealants and waxes to obtain maximum shine.

3 / Ceramic protections are the most durable Detailing treatments. This is no longer a protective layer on the surface of the varnish such as carnaubas or even synthetic waxes, but a veritable protection that grafts to the outer surface of the varnish to form an additional and extremely dense layer, smoothing the microscopic imperfections of the surface condition with the aim of forming a very durable protective barrier.


What are the advantages of a ceramic treatment?

The main reason for applying a ceramic treatment is the desire to protect one’s vehicle (body, rims, windows, plastics, leather, etc.) over a long period. The treatments have a durability of between 24 and 60 months (varies according to the number of applied layers, and especially the degree of maintenance during the years that follow).

Obtaining a totally hydrophobic surface, which effortlessly repels water and contaminants and so facilitates daily washes.

The brilliance will also be increased tenfold. 

Strong resistance to chemicals. Unlike natural or synthetic waxes, ceramics do not disappear after the simple use of a strong shampoo or a degreaser. However, be careful not to do it too often, since you risk seeing the protection disappear faster than expected. 

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Toutes les vidéos

Toutes les vidéos
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